After having 5 babies in 5 years, I felt totally disconnected from my body both physically and mentally. Sensing this my husband encourage me to attend the gym. The only way I could be swayed was to go late at night because I couldn’t face the busier times.

It took months to pry me out of the comfort of the cardio suite and into the unknown of the weights room.  As I grew physically stronger over the next 12 months I started to note changes and not just in the gym, I wanted to push myself to new horizons and possibilities and I enrolled in the MNU Nutrition course.  My husband who had previously worked with Martin, suggested I do a photoshoot. Totally on board with the idea I booked my shoot. I had a few different goals that I wanted to pull out of the shoot.  Some professional images I could use when I qualify as a nutritionist but also some personal photos that I just wanted for me.

Martin struck that balance so well and to say I was appreciative about some posing would be an understatement. Martin was cool, calm and collective and encouraged me when I was struggling. I couldn’t have been in safer hands.

The whole process from start to finish has been first class and I couldn’t recommend this man enough. I wouldn’t work with any other photographer in the future and I have already booked my next photoshoot.