Are you ready to take your brand and online presence to the next level?

This is a package specifically designed for personal trainers and coaches who want to take their online presence and brand to the next level through a steady flow of eye catching and thought-provoking visual content.



There can be a lot of fear and procrastination around producing content for a Fitness Business but I guarantee having a just the right solid body of images to rely on will not only make producing regular content easier, but it will save you time and make you money.

The package consists of three shoots over a six month period with an overall saving of £150! These shoots will be specifically tailored to your business needs, your clientele, and location ensuring the images generate enquiries and leads from the perfect type of client.


A lifestyle shoot will provide you with the visuals to discuss non gym related topics that impact your clients progress each and every day. They allow you to build a relationship with your following, that gains their trust convincing them you are the right choice for them.

A coaching shoot will demonstrate you in your professional capacity as a coach. These images provide the visual basis for training related content to educate and document your knowledge as a personal trainer.



The fitness industry is a result driven business, and nothing sells better than results. Client shoots now only act as an incredible motivator for your clients they also provide them with a reward and social proof of your hard work and results together.

The retainer package permits you to make avail of any of these shoots during your 6 month and will assist you in taking your scaling your business and increasing revenues.

Just have a look at some of the testimonials below and how the coaches that have already committed have seen a huge return on investment.



  • “I can’t thank Victoria enough for both my experience and my clients experience within shoots. She has always gone above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and love every single photo. The photos she provides you are absolutely amazing and much more than you will imagine.”

    Caoimhe McNiece
  • “I loved shooting with Victoria. She was super chilled and professional, so I did not feel rushed or nervous in anyway. Which I think is super important when doing shoots. On the day she could pick out great spots for eye catching images, that I would never have been able to do myself. I now have a tonne of professional images to use across my platforms which will help attract the type of clients I want to work with. Thank you Victoria! Girls get yourself booked in; you will not be disappointed!”

    Leanne Conroy
  • “I really enjoyed shooting with Victoria, it was super relaxed, and we had such a laugh. I use my content from the shoot across my social media channels and my website and it helps me to attract the type of clients I want to work with and makes me look super professional in the process. Highly recommend booking in a shoot.”

    Charlotte Jade Johnston
  • “I send all my clients to Martin and use him for all my photography needs. He is definitely the best at what he does!”

    Marty Cummings
    Physique, Client Transformation & Coaching Shoot
  • “I have had plenty of opportunities to work both directly and indirectly with Martin over the last number of years. Having worked together on shoots published in various magazines, marketing materials and portfolio content. Equally I have had many prep clients shoot with Martin, knowing his work will illustrate a quality and character that lends itself to the gym environment. Even understanding what the individual desires from the shoot, achieving great angles and light to best illustrate the physique.”

    Neil Anderson
    Physique & Client Shoot
  • “Hands down – Martin is the best in the industry. His work has been and will continue to be an invaluable component of the growth of my business.”

    Kevin Harkin
    Physique & Coaching Shoot
  • “Having images helps me to build trust and saves a lot of time when it comes to planning my social media.”

    Claire Graham
    Lifestyle Shoot
  • “Athlete Nutrition is grounded on the actions, choices and habit changes outside of training. Martin’s Lifestyle images have helped me demonstrate this through my content.”

    Chris Lowe
    Lifestyle Shoot (Hull Warriors & Wasp RC Nutritionist)
  • “A photo can be an insight into the person you are and what you can offer the world. Martin’s work proves Content is currency so you should cash in on his high value imagery too!”

    Gavin Meenan
    Physique & Lifestyle Shoot
  • “I’ve worked with Martin on countless shoots for fitness and lifestyle and I can’t recommend him enough. He’s so professional, patient and talented that I fully trust when we work together it will always be an amazing, enjoyable experience and we will always create something amazing. He’s my go to photographer for anything i want captured professionally.”

    Claire McGrath
    Physique Shoot (IFBB Pro)
  • “A single image is worth a thousand words! This statement is even more true nowadays. With a business that relies heavily on content it’s very important for me to have a good image to go along with my content! I have worked with Martin on several shoots over the years and I can honestly say he always gets the best images! I have worked with a lot of photographers but Martin’s eye for a shot and the speed at which he executes them is remarkable! He is my number one choice of photographer and he should be yours too!”

    Ben Mudge
    Physique & Lifestyle Shoot
  • “Martin has been my go to photographer for a numbers of years. He has supplied me with an endless amount of invaluable visuals to use on my social media. He has also assisted in building many successful brands of coaches I have mentored over the last few years.”

    Phil Graham
    Lifestyle Shoot