July 7, 2019

Grace McGarry

It was fantastic to work with Grace again and we captured some incredible images together.

This is what Grace had to say about her recent shoot –

“This was my second time working with Martin and honestly I don’t think I could work with anyone else.

I can remember on my first shoot how nervous I was. I hadn’t done anything like a fitness shoot before. But Martin me feel so at ease. And I was able to get some amazing images.

In between my first shoot and most recent shoot I had a baby boy. My body wasn’t the same and I was dealing with a lot more body issues. Martin was so understanding when I decided to push my shoot back. And a couple of days before my shoot checked in to make, I was happy and ready. He always goes above and beyond his job title. I felt even more comfortable the second time round. So, I was able to express myself a little more.

My shoots with Martin are always so fun. And I always love my images…. I could not recommend him enough. He is amazing at what he does.”

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June 18, 2019

Leah Martin

A few weeks back I headed to Kevin Harkin’s Synergy in Derry/Londonderry to shoot with Leah and her friend Shannon both coached by Adrian Boyd.

The response from this shoot has been incredible generating a number of queries not just with myself but with girls signing up for the Synergy’s semi private classes

It just goes to prove great results boost business!!

I would love to know what you think of the images and leave some support for Leah.

This is Leah’s story…

I’ve been training with Adrian the last year and half, coming into summer last year he really got Me into shape, we followed a strict enough diet plan and trained 2/3 times a week, after summer I kind of fell away from training , But around Christmas time we decided to get stuck back in and we had a few chats about doing a photo shoot but it was always kind of joking around I never actually imagined myself having the motivation and drive to stick through with such a strict diet plan and the intensity of each session for the 5 months that we did. Adrian pushed me to do the shoot and I’m glad he did, i wanted to do it for myself because it was something completely out of my comfort zone and something I never did before or even thought that I could do. Before the shoot I was so nervous just thinking that I wouldn’t know how to pose right for the camera and doubting myself that I could have done more but after seeing the photos of myself and how I looked I couldn’t have been happier

With Martin guiding me through each shot by showing me how to pose and which shots would be best for my body type it really helped me and my nerves disappeared after the first few shots which I was so happy about. I didn’t think I would have enjoyed the shoot as much as I did and having Shannon and Adrian there while it was happening made it that bit easier. I was so shocked at the reaction I got from my photos, so many people messaged me and commented on the pictures which made me so overwhelmed that everyone was so nice and supportive of them. My main aim now after the shoot is to maintain my weight and body shape, I don’t want to lose any more weight but keep toning, and I hope by following Adrian’s guidance I can stay in shape for my summer holidays. I will definitely still be training 2/3 times a week and sticking to a diet plan, but it won’t be as strict as it was the last few weeks before the shoot which is fab but overall it was an amazing experience!

June 3, 2019

Clodagh Simpson

Aaron O’kane of the newly opened Infinite Fitness in Claudy booked a client shoot via the website recently for this client Clodagh Simpson.

Clodagh looked fantastic on the day we came up with some stunning images as you can see:

Client shoots are a remarkable way to motivate and reward your clients hard work. They also offer fantastic social proof to promote you and your service.

Shoot date 09/05/19

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